Don´t Look :: Paulo Henrique

Don´t Look :: Paulo Henrique from play bleu on Vimeo. .

"Repetition changes nothing in the object repeated,
but does change something in the mind which contemplates it."


Conceived in partnership with Play Bleu, photograph and graphic designer, the film focus on a character in a specific frame/period of time. The use of a classical photographic frontal angle with two distances, accumulating the gestures of the movement character observed behind of a translucent broken glass, filmed from inside and outside space (broken glass). This frontier works as a new screen for the viewer evoking also the political and social association with the current world, where the repetition of the media images echoes the fluidity of their distribution in contrast with the static space and enclosure that the body is observed in their real nature. In this created visual and sound environment, the film suggests  other images that correspond to the individual experience of each viewer and the way they might look or don’t look to the resonances trough the repetitions of body image on the created visual space as the real body has no place of it's own when becoming an image (even repeated like a prayer or poem..!?...).

Direction Paulo Henrique & Play Bleu

Coreography | Performance Paulo Henrique
Image | Camera | Edition Play Bleu 

Photography | Graphic Video Design Play Bleu
Music Fischerspooner Re-edit by Play Bleu 
Producer | Executive Producer Paulo Henrique | Arte Total
Production Company Play Bleu | Arte Total
Artistic Residency Arte Total
Braga | Portugal 2015

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